The thing I hate about being a mom

I love being a mom, much more than I ever thought I would. But there is one thing that I hate. No, it’s not the poopy diapers, although I could do with a few less of those. And it’s not the so-called “terrible twos,” after all that does pass (or so I’ve been told). It’s not even the late-night feedings that feel interminable in those early months. What I hate the most is the constant worry that comes with being responsible for another human life.

I wouldn’t have considered myself a worrier before children. Sure, there were things that nagged at me from time-to-time. But generally, I didn’t worry. But once I had children, I became this person I didn’t recognize. I suppose it’s pretty common for a first-time-mom to worry over every little thing. But I felt frantic. I think what gets me the most is the feeling of being out of control. There are so many things, when it comes to kids, that are completely out of my control.

When Journey was nine-months-old, we discovered that he was losing weight. That was a frightening time for me. I felt so helpless! I was doing my best and, once again, it wasn’t enough. I constantly had to prop myself up and say all the right things: “I trust God with my child”; “God is in control, even when I’m not;” etc. I sort of adopted a “fake-it-till-you-make-it” mentality (1 Samuel 30:6 Amplified).

I’ve grown a lot since those early days. But one thing remains–I still worry, a lot, about my kids. I try to keep it together on the outside. But deep down, I’m biting my nails and wringing my hands at the slightest abnormality. But even though I’m freaking out on the inside, I still keep saying the “right things.” And I remind myself of all the worries of the past and how each issue has resolved itself. When I’m in the middle of a challenge, it feels so overwhelming. But when I step back, I remember the last thing that kept me up at night and how that too felt so overwhelming. Then I also remember how we made it through. “Even when I walk through the darkest valley I will not be afraid for you are close beside me…” Psalm 23:4 (NLT).

I doubt the worry will ever truly go away. And I’ll probably still have my secret freak-out moments. But I know that regardless of what I face with my kids, God will always see us through.

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  1. This is hard to believe but the older they get the more you worry, it is just a different set of worries!

  2. Don’t worry about what may or may not happen. If you are worried about something, do something about it. Read up on a subject. Talk to those who have been there and done that. Talk to your doctor. Take action, then you don’t have time to worry.

    Someone once told me that having children was like watching you heart walk around outside your body. I don’t worry about messy rooms, green hair, black finger nail polish, clown makeup because these are things that will pass. I just take pictures so that I can torture them as adults. ;-D I started instituting “just because” parties at my house. My children were where I could see them interact with their friends and I get to know their friends. I also have a “flop spot” where my children can talk about anything without fear of reprisal. They have talked about sex, drugs, school, values, friends, struggles and anything else that is on their mind. My tongue bleeds often from biting it, but my children feel safe talking about what is on their mind. If it is something that needs to be addressed we make an appointment to talk about it later somewhere else. This started when my kids were small and they sat on the end of my bed while I folded laundry or worked on my computer. Talk to your children often about what is important to you. Ask them what is important to them.

    Sorry this is so long. I love what children have brought into my life and have very strongly strong oppinions about them.

  3. I am glad I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes, but you are exactly right about trusting in God during those times of worry. I am an official follower now! Yay, me!

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