The ugly truth

Recently, I came face-to-face with an unsettling fact about myself–I’m proud of my kids. I’m talking “My kids are better than your kids” kind of proud. I’ve always been a pretty competitive person, but I’ve never actually been better at something than others. But my kids…they’re smarter than their peers, they’re cuter than all the other babies, and frankly, have better personalities and are more well behaved. Ugly, right?! But I’m discovering that my kids don’t do everything better than the other kids around them. And I don’t like it…not even a little bit!

What brought me to this revelation was our untold frustrations with potty training. We started potty training Journey early by some standards–a fact that I have been very proud of. But it has been anything but easy. When I tried to commiserate with a friend whose son is one of Journey’s playmates, I realized I was in this battle alone and it bothered me–a lot! I didn’t like the idea that her son had accomplished something that seemed like such a struggle for mine.

I’ve had this sneaking suspicion, for a while now, that my smug little attitude isn’t as well hidden as I’d like to think. And this just felt like being put in my place (not by my friend, she’s far too sweet to ever do that). But I was most definitely humbled in that moment, and rightly so. Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall (Proverbs 16:18 NLT).

I still don’t like the idea that my children aren’t always going to be the best at everything. And I’m aware that my pride for them is teetering on the unhealthy side. Yet, I’m unsure how to rein it in. Journey will be starting preschool soon. So I know that I will probably be faced with the reality that he isn’t the best at everything. I guess the best I can do is continue to love and be proud of my children, whether or not they really are smarter, cuter and more fun to be around.

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  1. Do not dispare! It will happen. Each child has their own timeline that they follow, some are just faster than others. Frustrating for competitive pareints I know because I am one too. The best advice I can give you is relax and let it happen.

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