That was then, this is now

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. Since the days line up as they did all those years ago, I can’t help but to make comparisons about how different things are now.

On April 27, the year we were married, I was making last-minute preparations. The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were that night, so I needed to make sure everything was set–caterer in place, dining hall reserved, etc. This morning, my big plan was getting the kids bathed, dressed and fed.

Back then, I was imagining life after we were married, waking up each morning together. This morning, I had a bed full of my favorite people in the whole world, laughing and having fun.

Back then, I was making sure my dress was perfect and my hair and make-up were flawless. This morning, I’m waiting for Faith to take a nap so I can take a shower and not wear the same thing two days in a row.

Back then, I was preparing for a day that many would argue was all about me; a day that I was told would be the best of my life. Today, life is anything but “all about me” and I’m okay with that. And while my wedding day was a pretty good day, it was just the start of so many “best days of my life.”

Things have changed a lot in the years that have passed since my wedding day. But it has been an amazing marriage adventure that I would live all over again. I know a lot of people think of anniversaries as a romantic day for you and your beloved. But for me, this day is one to celebrate my husband and me and the life we’ve created together, which would not be complete without our two kids.

Welcome to my journey…

Well it looks like I’ve started a blog! This is an unexpected turn of events for me. Afterall, what do I have to say that hasn’t already been said on the subject of parenting? But as I began to reflect on all the things I’ve learned since becoming a parent—nearly three years ago—I wanted to chronicle it…for my children and any others who may be able to learn from my experiences.

So here we are, My Incredible Faith Journey! No, it’s not a terribly creative or original name. But it’s fitting. I have been blessed with two amazing children, Faith and Journey. And their names definitely describe my experience as a mom, so far.

I’m still learning a lot about myself as a parent. But I hope you can come along with me on this journey.

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